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Our Coffee

To bring you the perfect cup, we source sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted premium coffee beans from select locations around the world, including Ethiopia, Central and South America and Jamaica. These climates create optimal conditions for growing Arabica beans; a type of coffee bean known for its high-quality flavor, sweet aromas, and which all Marley Coffee roasts are derived from.




In 1999, Rohan Marley, son of the legendary and beloved musician Bob Marley, purchased a 52-acre farm in Chepstowe, Portland, Jamaica, where the Blue Mountains are known for an idyllic coffee growing climate. At the time, Rohan had little knowledge of the invaluable soil and growing conditions that the farm held; just a desire return to the earth, fulfill his father’s dream of farming, and help support the local economy in Jamaica.

"My father came from the farmland in Nine Mile. There, he learned a deep respect for nature and humanity that helped guide his life. His dream was to return one day.”

After first traveling to Ethiopia in 2000 to visit a monastery in Lake Tana, he again returned in 2007 to learn more about the true origins of coffee—before Arabica, the birth name for coffee beans originating from Ethiopia was Aethiopica. He saw first-hand the impact of coffee on the livelihoods, ecology and economics of so many famers and communities. After living there there for six months, he knew he wanted to share his love of coffee with the world. Inspired by the legacy of his father, his travels and desire to serve humanity Rohan founded the company Marley Coffee®.

"Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, of civilization and Rastafari. It has special meaning to my family. We’re going to start this company with Ethiopian coffee.”

Rohan returned to America and began sourcing beans from all around the world to craft our signature roasts inspired by his Father’s music, beginning with Ethiopia Yirgacheffe for our flagship One Love medium roast coffee. In 2009, distribution officially began on the west coast and rapidly expanded across the US and Canada. Back in Jamaica, Rohan’s small-lot estate was expanding its overall bio-diversity and on the path to becoming certified organic, and also established a partnership with renowned experts Coffee Traders Limited and their Rainforest Alliance Certified estate.